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When You Feel the Need for Speed…

Welcome to Northwest Arkansas premiere Go-Kart track. We have 4 levels of excitement, 4 tracks, and safe cars for everyone. Got a drivers license? Bring your group and hit the pro track. Family outings? We have dual riding carts and even a track and cars for the youngest set. I FEEL THE NEED FOR SPEED!

Watch out for ALL SPINS and the CHAOS MODE…

When the front or back of the car is hit, the Spin Zone Bumper car is like any other bumper car ride. However, when one rider hits another car’s side target (the 3 o’clock or the 9 o’clock positions), that car goes into a spin for 2-3 seconds. As it spins, the LED lights on the car flash letting other riders and spectators know who has been hit! Now riders are motivated to out drive their friends and send each other into uncontrolled spins! Many riders often throw their hands up and scream like they are on a roller coaster when the SPIN ZONE is activated!

LokoMotion Takes Mini Golf to a Whole New Level…

Our courses are expansive, somewhat challenging, but most of all beautiful. We are currently upgrading and adding improvements to the courses for your golfing fun. A great family activity for enjoying the amazing NWA outdoors and for the ultimate family reunion and group activities.

You Got Game, We got the GAMES…

An arcade for all ages featuring our new token-less system. GAMES, GAMES, GAMES! All your favorites, plus new ones are added all the time. And a prize store to trade in all of those tickets you win for some great prizes. At LokoMotion Family Fun Center Arcade, you can even win an X-Box. You got the skillz, we got the prizes.

Boats? Bumper Boats? Bumper Boats with Water Cannons? NOW WE’RE TALKING…

We know how to make you laugh. This is definatley one of our fans favorite attractions. It takes a water fight to a whole new hilarious level. Just because you can outrun your nemesis, watch out for the water cannons on the sidelines being used by your land lubber friends. Fun and laughter (and a sense of humor) is all you need for this water ride.

Drop, Duck and Roll! LAZER TAG is LEGEN…wait for it….DARY!

Tired of blasting your friends on an internet connection? Boss tell you to put together a team building meeting? How about some relatives who have out stayed their welcome? A little lazer blast never hurt any one, well except for their pride. Grab your teams and come in for some good ole fashioned Lazer Blasting in the Tag Room.

5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500!?, 1,000? whuuuut?…We can accommodate almost any size group…

Indoors or Outdoors, we’ve got you covered. LokoMotion Family Fun has 4 indoor party rooms that can accommodate up to 200 of your guests. Bigger you say? How about 1000 guests on our amazing and beautiful outdoor park. (and we mean park) with an incredible choice of entertainment for all ages.  We take our business of YOU and YOUR Guests having fun…SERIOUSLY!

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Birthday Party Packages

Is there any place in NWA that has a better party venue…NOPE! With a portpuri of activities. We will supply you with a Birthday Party Concierge ( well sort of, let’s just say we take your happiness serious!) plates, napkins, utensils, pizza…yeah, we’ve got your back. Book your party NOW!


Family reunions, Team Building, Youth and Adult Sport meetings and celebrations. Award Banquets, Community Events, and more and more groups have honored us with their trust to have fun and provide a venue for their gathering. Just tell us how many and when and we will go to work for you to create an awesome experience! Book your group now!

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